Episode 19 – This Is Us

We all remember our firsts - first kiss, first dog, first time we stared into the abyss and realized the fleeting nature of life and existence on this planet. In this very special episode of Church Drunk, Dizzy & Ges share a few thoughts about some of the "firsts" along their respective spiritual journeys, and dig into THE key question: Why are we still here?

Episode 18 – 5-Minute Spirituality

Do you ever get that feeling that you're a hamster on a wheel...inside of a dynamo...that's powering a Tesla...through the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race? Us too! When life just feels too busy to spend much quality time in your local worship hut, Church Drunk has you covered.

Episode 17 – A Spiritual Litmus Test

Are you a Jesus or a John? A Mary or a Martha? A Peter or a Paul? Here at Church Drunk we have decided that it's time to pick a side! Because there are only two kinds of people in this world: those who see everything in black and white, and namby-pamby fence-sitters who have no idea what they are talking about!

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