Episode 89 – This Salty Cock-Up

So, Lent...it's a thing now. And our world looks so different for it, right? Well, maybe not. But the great thing about a season that lasts 40 days is that you get an opportunity to roll into it slowly, and there will still be a long road ahead. If you (like us) are still searching for what Lent 2021 will really look like, and need some ideas on how to practice your prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (as well as our second favorite holy trinity of reading, drinking, and complaining), then Dizzy & Ges have you covered. Grab a beverage and pull-up a chair for Episode 89 - This Salty Cock-Up!

Episode 56 – Following Yonder Star

The presents are open, the ball has dropped, and discarded trees are slowly but surely making their way to the curb, but we here at Church Drunk will keep the party going for all 12 days of Christmas! Join Dizzy & Ges as we look ahead to the Feast of the Magi by discussing our own modern-day wise men (and women!) and what they would bring to the Baby Jesus birthday party. 

Coming Soon: Church Drunk Season 2!

We know, we know. Between revamping the website and getting season one onto Apple Podcasts (Did we mention we're on Apple Podcasts? Because we're totally on Apple Podcasts!), things here at Church Drunk have definitely gotten a bit...quiet. Well, that's all about to change. Season 2 of Church Drunk starts this Friday, July 21! Look... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the New Church Drunk

Lent is over, and even Easter is yesterday's news. Time for a new look! You'll still find the same great(ish) content, including archives, blogs, and even the glossary, but with a whole new vibe. We hope you like it. Send any feedback, accolades, and hate mail to churchdrunk@gmail.com!

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