Pope Hope

On the anniversary of the day Jorge Mario Bergolio was elected pope and took the name Francis, I want to continue the list I started on Episode 3 of the podcast.  To be honest, Ges and I didn't even realize on Friday that the anniversary of our current pope's election was right around the corner.... Continue Reading →

Care for Creation

We often think about Lent as a personal journey - our own 40 days in the desert with Jesus.  But what are the social implications of Lent?  What about the the global impact of a billion Catholics all Lenting together? The reach might be even larger than we think if we shift our collective consciousness... Continue Reading →

Episode 2 – EnvironLent

Do the rapid decline of the natural environment and the steadfast march of the patriarchy make you want to scream? Us too! In this episode of Church Drunk, we connect with our inner Franciscan hippies to discuss how Lent can help us to confront the terrifying reality of climate change and grapple with the state of gender relations in the church.

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