Saints On The March

So I've been thinking a bit about the saints after our first go-round with a "Drunk Lives of the Saints" podcast, which was rather, um...(sound of thesaurus pages flipping (yes, I have a paper thesaurus, because I am, genetically speaking, part brachiosaurus))...besotted. Sounds fancy and intelligent, right? Well, let's just go with that, then.  ... Continue Reading →

Church Drunk’s Lenten Reading List

We here at ChurchDrunk like words. Words matter. Like, for example, when one says that millions and millions of people showed up for an inaugural event, but photographic evidence shows that perhaps this is not the case...those words suddenly matter! There are other words that matter (many of them spoken by the very same sentient... Continue Reading →

Care for Creation

We often think about Lent as a personal journey - our own 40 days in the desert with Jesus.  But what are the social implications of Lent?  What about the the global impact of a billion Catholics all Lenting together? The reach might be even larger than we think if we shift our collective consciousness... Continue Reading →

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