Nuns on the Run

In last week’s podcast we gave a shout out to the nuns who have done and continue to do great work in our world. Nuns have often led the way in providing a voice for justice, and we need more of that in our church today! We mentioned a couple of articles about nuns are serious movers and shakers during our conversational wanderings, and wanted to provide the links so that you can follow-up on your own if you’d like.

The original inspiration to give the nuns some love on the podcast came about when we caught wind of this story on CNN about a community of nuns in Pennsylvania who have built a chapel right in the proposed path of the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. The nuns seem to be letting their actions speak more than their mouths, but a representative from the Lancaster Against Pipelines action group sums it up beautifully: “…the nuns have a land ethic that says this Earth is a sanctuary and we regard it as sacred, and we’re going to work to protect it.”

Huffington Post article also caught our eye a few weeks ago. Thousands of nuns, spearheaded by Sister Simone Campbell and NETWORK, sent a letter to Senate Republicans urging them to have a “come to Jesus moment.” As it turns out, a few of them listened!

So when you get a chance, go hug a nun! But, like, not in a creepy or uninvited kind of way. Maybe just a verbal “thank you” will sufficiently express your gratitude for their service to our church.

– Ges

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