Episode 23 – A Peace of Our Minds

Church Drunk continues to roll through Advent with a look back at Peace Week. But as Dizzy & Ges begin to realize just how chaotic and peace-less our world seems today, they quickly change gears to discuss a seasonal favorite – Christmas songs! So light a candle, pour your favorite purple cocktail, and may the Force be with you…and with your spirit!

One thought on “Episode 23 – A Peace of Our Minds

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  1. It brought me joy to cackle along with you two. Excited for future Schitt’s Creek fan gushing. You have me pondering the nature of hope. I don’t have the exact quote, but Obama said something along the lines of hope is not a solution. Hope must lead to action. Parallels prayer for me – prayer in and of itself is not the solution. Prayer leads to choices and actions. Now to bring this hopeful energy to my stack of papers to grade…because even in a pandemic school grinds on.


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