An Ode to Labor Day

So, um, here at Church Drunk we are big fans of podcasting…and even bigger fans of rest! And so, Dizzy and Ges are taking a week off in honor of Labor Day. Our Summer Reading List series will conclude next week with our episode about God’s Mechanics by Brother Guy Consolmagno. In the meantime, you’ll have to soothe your aching earbuds by reading aloud the following Church Drunk Original Composition!

Day of Labor, Day of Rest.

Three-day weekends really are the best!

No matter the color of your collar,

Be it blue or white,

There is no price in dollars,

That can make us give up the fight,

For justice, equality, faith and reason,

We march toward mystery, regardless of season.

So pour a glass of something yummy,

And fly the flag of your faith-filled freak.

May the booze warm your your hungry tummy.

Our podcast will be back in just one week!

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