Church Drunk Coffee House

Here at Church Drunk, we are about more than just booze and podcasts. Sometimes we are also about booze and beat poetry, as well! And since we’re all trapped here on these crazy internets together, we thought that perhaps it might be time for us to try our hand at an open mic night of our own creation. Maybe it will become a recurring event. Maybe this is one night only. Maybe we will wake up tomorrow and realize that this worldwide pandemic was one, long, crazy dream. And then we’ll have the best bloody Mary of our lives.

So without further ado, this is a poem called “How Did I Get So Bored?” *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*

They closed the playgrounds yesterday.
Or maybe it was a month ago.
It’s tough to tell these days.
You see, in this place where I am sheltered
time tends to go a bit slow,
and then fast again,
and then slow.
Like a squeezebox at a polka festival
where everyone is worried
they are dancing too close.

So the children are not playing.
Except when they are.
I see them in the street
riding bikes with their families.
I see them talking. Just talking.
To their parents.
I see them standing outside, wearing masks,
staring at a tree and wondering,
How does that work?
I see them on Zoom,
with dead eyes
and dead hair
and dead nails,
with maggots and worms
crawling out of their ears and their nose.
With tape over their mouths.

And I see a man the news,
a hulking, sweating,
Halloween squash of a man,
And the maggots and the worms
Crawl out of his mouth.
And I think to myself,
No wonder we are all infected.



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