Episode 6 – A Lenten Smorgasbord

40 days sounded so much shorter back on Ash Wednesday, right? As we enter the homestretch of Lent, Dizzy & Ges discuss the highlights and lowlights of the season so far, as well as a few plans to finish strong in these final couple of weeks with a solid routine of prayer, fasting, and generosity rooted in rageousness. We also touch on a bit of Pope Hope, and offer a gentle reminder about Church Drunk's required reading!

Episode 5 – It’s A Miracle!

Well, the Cubs have won the World Series, Cleveland has a broken it's championship drought, and the Pats just recently pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, so it only seems appropriate that we turn our attention toward miracles.  From men born blind to bacon-flavored exorcisms, Church Drunk has you covered. Join us for all that, plus a few rounds of our new favorite game, Cards Against Christianity!

Saints On The March

So I've been thinking a bit about the saints after our first go-round with a "Drunk Lives of the Saints" podcast, which was rather, um...(sound of thesaurus pages flipping (yes, I have a paper thesaurus, because I am, genetically speaking, part brachiosaurus))...besotted. Sounds fancy and intelligent, right? Well, let's just go with that, then.  ... Continue Reading →

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