Episode 5 – It’s A Miracle!

Well, the Cubs have won the World Series, Cleveland has a broken it’s championship drought, and the Pats just recently pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, so it only seems appropriate that we turn our attention toward miracles.  From men born blind to bacon-flavored exorcisms, Church Drunk has you covered. Join us for all that, plus a few rounds of our new favorite game, Cards Against Christianity!

3 thoughts on “Episode 5 – It’s A Miracle!

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  1. Started bingeing (sp?) the shoe this morning. Love it. LOVE IT!!!

    The word you were searching for in Episode 5 (during the game segment) is “incorrupt” or “incorruptible”.


    1. That’s it! Thanks, Jon. I feel like we were close with “unmortified.” You know, like, in a “not that close at all” kind of a way. Glad you’re enjoying the show!


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