Stations of the Cross Soundtrack 2019

If Lent is an entire 40-day season to reflect on how we have been living our lives in relation to Christ and our fellow man, then the first few days of Holy Week offer the opportunity to reflect on how our Lent has gone. And if you (like us here at Church Drunk) are looking back and finding your Lent lacking, then it is time to holy hard this week! There are hundreds of different ways to make Holy Week a time to pray, celebrate, and honor the journey of Christ to the cross and beyond. Liturgical celebrations abound, novenas roll right off the tongue, there’s a fast around every corner, your meditation cushion awaits! But here at Church Drunk, we’ve developed a lenten celebration of our own, and we kick it into high gear this week.

We first shared a Church Drunk Stations of the Cross Playlist back in 2017 as a simple way to pray the stations throughout Lent and Holy Week. Then, we updated it with a new soundtrack last year, and now we’re happy to bring Church Drunkers everywhere the newest version for Holy Week 2019. The idea behind it is that you can put on these 14 songs in the car or in the background while you get some work done, and at least part of your brain will be engaged in praying the stations. Or, if you’re super hardcore, you can sit quietly in your preferred prayer nook and jam through the whole playlist as a more intense walk with Jesus to the foot of the cross. Any way you slice it, we hope that this set of songs can bring you together with people of faith around the world as we enter into this special week of prayer, and maybe (just maybe) it will pay some spiritual dividends.

If you Spotify, here’s a full playlist you can use. As always, if you think that our choices for particular stations (or all of them!) are totally off base, then we encourage you to use your malcontent as fuel for a drive to build your own playlist. Hit us up in the comments with your favorite songs for particular stations. We hope that your Holy Week is filled with blessings and joy! (But, like, appropriate joy. There’s no joy on Good Friday! Well, maybe just somber joy, also known in these parts as “soy, but not the bean.”)

Station I: Jesus is Condemned – “Time’s Always Leaving” by The Lone Bellow

Station II: Jesus Carries the Cross – “The Auld Triangle” by The Dubliners

Station III: Jesus Falls the First Time – “Claim Your Ghost” by Iron & Wine

Station IV: Jesus Meets His Mother – “Leave a Light” by Glen Hansard

Station V: Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross – “I Won’t Run From It” by Big Red Machine

Station VI: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus – “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel

Station VII: Jesus Falls the Second Time – “Skin and Bones” by The Avett Brothers

Station VIII: Jesus Meets the Holy Women – “God Said No” by Dan Bern

Station IX: Jesus Falls the Third Time – “The Alchemy of Awe” by The Collection

Station X: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments – “In Memoriam” by The Oh Hello’s

Station XI: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross – “The Loneliness Waltz” by The Ballroom Thieves

Station XII: Jesus Dies – “If I Go, I’m Goin'” by Gregory Alan Isakov

Station XIII: Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross – “Hard Times Come Again No More” by The Chieftains with Paolo Nutini

Station XIV: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb – “A Sea of Roses” by The Milk Carton Kids

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